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Quotes I've been a member of the MOMS Club Riverside West since 2013 and I'm so happy I found them!!! I've enjoyed meeting new friends for myself and my little. Having moved here from Huntington Beach and not knowing anyone, it was a blessing. I really needed some adult conversation, and we could all use some sort of social outlet which I'm sure you can agree with. So if your looking for support, friends or just some social interaction then you've come to the right spot...join us! Quotes
Domestic Engineer & Former MVP

Quotes I have been a member of Mom's Club of Riverside West for a year now. I joined shortly after moving here from South Orange County. I have met some of the most wonderful ladies and their children. If you are looking for support, friends, or just want to talk to other adults then I suggest you check this club out. You will not regret it! Quotes
Sabrina Klinge

Quotes I have been a member of Mom's Club for over a year and love getting together with other moms in the area. Mom's Club offers my toddler a chance to socialization with other children of stay at home moms. We love the great field trips and local play dates! Quotes
Jen Malle

Quotes I have been a member since 2004, many of my best friends were made through MOMS Club. My oldest is 10 now and as our children grow up we hold on to our MOMS Club friendships and still count on each other to offer support and friendship. I am not sure I would have survived motherhood without this great MOMS Club Chapter. Quotes
Lori Reese

Quotes Been a member since beg. of this year, like being a member & hanging out with the other moms, & kids, such a wealth of information and fun! Jen Connolly Quotes
Jen Connolly

Quotes I have been with the MOMS Club since 2009. I initially joined to socialize my kids. But very quickly & unexpectedly, it became about me. The MOMS Club has made me a better mom and a better spouse because of all of the support & affirmation I receive and the intrinsic value of returning that support. I particularly look forward to Moms Nights Out & field trips, and my children look forward to playing with their MOMS Club friends! Quotes

Quotes I LOVE MOM's Club! There are several activities to choose from every week (or hit them all). The members are fun and caring moms who want their kids to have a great time. The atmosphere is very laid back and welcoming. I would recommend MOM's Club to anyone with kids! Quotes

Quotes I joined Moms Club Riverside West 8 months ago after moving to the area and not knowing anyone. The Moms Club welcomed me with open arms and I have enjoyed every minute of the club. I look forward to many more years of membership! Quotes
Shannon H
Administrative Vice President

Quotes I've been a member of Moms Club since 2009. My kids love the field trips and play dates! Every week there's some activity going on and I can get out of the house and socialize with other mommies! Quotes

Quotes I have been in Moms Club Riverside West for just over a year, I have had so much fun and met so many moms I now call friends that I have decided to be on the board this year. I look forward to expanding our already amazing club this year and meeting many more moms out there. Quotes
Member Vice President