MOMS Club® of Riverside West - CA



Top 8 Reasons to Join MOMS Club

(Who has time to come up with 10?)

8. You talked to the girl at the Starbucks for 20 minutes just to get some adult conversation.

7. In an effort to socialize your child, you've taken out a second mortgage to pay for all of the gymboree and mini-music classes.

6. You're more excited than the kids when you hear, "Daddy's home!"

5. You're no longer responsible for what you'll do if one more person asks, "Aren't you bored staying at home?"

4. The last novel you read was The Big Red Barn (and you were on the edge of your seat 'til the bitter end).

3. You're beginning to think "Little Einsteins" is the best drama on television.

2. The 5 most unpleasant words in the English language are – “I have to work late.”

1. You've found yourself singing Backyardigans songs in your spare time (and you like them).